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Choose the best word or expression for each space from the following list. Follow the example.

can't afford   satisfaction   manage   part-time
development   looking to move   start to finish   field
responsible for   increasingly competitive   look   products


I work for a Spanish computer software company. I work on the development of new for the Spanish and South American and Central American markets. In fact I’m   the day to day running of the research and department here in Madrid.

I a team of software designers, and together we into ways of improving our current products and also creating new products for today’s software market. It’s a great job and I enjoy the challenge of following the development of new products from. it gives me a great sense of when I see one of our products on sale to the public on the shelf of a large department store.

I work closely with an American software company which is based in Los Angeles, so I get to travel a lot and meet other professionals who work in the same . I’m very happy with my job at the moment and I’m not to a different company, although I’m always open to offers! I suppose if I had to change anything about my job, I’d like to work and not full-time so that I could spend more time with my family. At the moment that’s something that I just to do.


Listen Listen to check.

Answers check your answers.

Listen Listen and repeat the text.

Match the following questions about jobs with an appropriate answer. Follow the example.

I’m a sales representative for a plastics manufacturer called Plasson.

I visit existing clients, take orders and I’m also responsible for new business accounts.

I’ve worked here for about five years now.

I enjoy travelling and visiting clients. I’ve built up quite a good relationship with most of our clients over the years, and they always make me very welcome. I also meet a lot of new people in my job, which is interesting. I also like the challenge of meeting business targets and securing new business.

There’s quite a lot of paperwork involved. It’s all done on computer now of course, but it takes up a lot of time. I sometimes work weekends which drives my wife crazy!

No, I haven’t. Actually I used to be a civil servant, but I got rather bored with working in an office all day.

I like fishing, when the weather’s nice. I’m saving up to buy a small boat and I’ve been reading up on types of boats and prices recently.


Can you remember the questions from the previous exercise? Write the missing words in the spaces. Follow the example.

1. What’s your ?
2. What does that , exactly?
3. How long in your present job?
4. What you your job?
5. Are there any of your job?
6. always worked in the same ?
7. do you your time when you’re not working?

Listen Now listen to check


Listen Now listen to the questions again and answer each one. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to answer.

: Dirigir (una empresa, un equipo...). Administrar (dinero, propiedades...)
management: Dirección, administración.
('Personal management' = 'Dirección de personal')
manager: Director, Gerente.
(Aunque existe la forma femenina 'manageress', la misma solamente se utiliza en hostelería. Siempre usaremos en empresas el término 'manager' para referirnos tanto a un hombre como a una mujer.)
managerial: Directivo. ('At managerial level' = 'A nivel directivo')
managing: Gerencia. ('Managing partner' = 'Socio gerente'). ('Managing director' =
'Director gerente')

Ernie Whitt was selected Monday to manage Canada's team at the inaugural World Baseball Classic in March.

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