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Read the article about a wine company and answer the following questions.

1. What is Paul Moser responsible for?   Answers
2. Who heads the company?  
3. Is the company successful?  

Greenfield Wine Company has been producing premium wine in the Napa Valley since 1980 and markets wine under the Manzanita Canyon, Cartlidge & Browne and Stratford labels. In addition, GWC produces several private labels for both domestic and international customers. Last year, GWC bottled over 500,000 cases between their own brands, private labels and custom bottling contracts.

The Cartlidge & Browne label, which retails for about $10, grew by 53 percent in 2004. Cartlidge & Browne includes a Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir. The package was recently updated and includes the slogan, "Stick your nose in our business."

The company is headed by Tony Cartlidge and Glen Browne who created the Cartlidge and Browne label in 1980. Paul Moser is responsible for wine production and has worked exclusively for Cartilidge and Browne since 1982.

The primary reason Cartlidge & Brown experienced record growth last year is that key distributors got behind the brand. Cartlidge said the secret of their rapid growth was "being with the right distributors at the right time." He credits the rise in the value of the euro relative to the U.S. dollar for making reasonably priced California wines more attractive to distributors that previously were interested mostly in imports. "A lot of our distributors were strong in imports but felt it wasn't a bad idea to have something from California," he said.

"We need to be with medium-sized distributors, and we need to be with medium-sized distributors that actually care about us, which is not the same thing."

Cartlidge commented that with many wines designed to retail for $10, much of the emphasis is on marketing instead of what the wine tastes like. "We depend on the wine," he said. "I think $10 is an interesting price point," Cartlidge said. "It's a price where almost anybody can afford to buy but high enough where you can do something slightly interesting as far as the wine is concerned. I think the American consumer has become more sophisticated and is looking at interesting wines for around $10."

Read the article again and answer the questions.

1. In the context of the article a label is
          a) un tipo de uva
          b) un contrato
          c) una etiqueta



2. What is the main reason for Cartlidge & Brown’s growth (crecimiento) last year?
3. What reason does Cartlidge give for distributors buying more wine produced in the US?
4. Does Cartlidge think that the average American expects a bottle of wine that costs $10 to taste good?
5. If you stick your nose in someone’s business you
         a) smell the product they make.
         b) interfere (entrometerse) in things that don’t concern you.
         c) know how to appreciate the good things in life.
6. find words in the text that mean the following:-

     to put –

     to support –
     high quality –
     sells –
     modernised -
     fast, quick -
     to have enough money to buy something -

Read the following text and choose the most suitable word.

In my opinion, being a wine snob is not about you're better than someone else just because you happen to know more about a particular subject. It is being passionate about something. It is being able to appreciate and identify quality. It is time out of our fast-paced, stressful lives, to stop and appreciate the good things in life. To smell the roses, or in this case, the grapes!

Great wine is a luxury that anyone can . The progress of technology in the last 3 decades has enabled more and more of the world's wines to be of fairly quality.

When we drink wine, our taste is stimulated in way and the alcohol has a calming effect on the brain. Human has four components: sweetness, saltiness, acidity and bitterness. The acidity and sweetness in wine are the two factors that balance together to produce a taste sensation. We taste the acidity with the middle of the tongue and sweetness with the end of the tongue.

Wines with acidity taste sharp, those with insufficient acidity taste uninteresting and their flavour does not stay in the mouth for a long time. Tannins contribute to the relationship of bitterness on the tongue. If you've ever grape seeds, then you've tasted the dry bitterness of tannin. Wine with too much tannin is unpleasantly bitter. The right amount of tannin in wine brings all the flavours in the mouth. The various fruity flavours in wine contribute to the sweetness we taste. It's trying to detect different fruit characteristics, as berries, plums, apples, pears etc.

Our other senses are involved as . Our sight enjoys the colour and our sense of smell enjoys the fragrances. Much of a wine's character is revealed only through the aroma it . This adds richly to the dimensions found in wine.

So go , become a snob! The world could use a bit more passion in it. If you don't think you really like the taste of wine, try some of the different styles. You’ll be surprised at the differences them.



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