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Listen to Simon Nicholson describing the company structure of the speed boat company Zanadu and tick the expressions you hear. Follow the example.

The head of the company
makes tea for
take care of
is headed by
in charge of
deals with
responsible for
is always under
is run by
answers to
headed by

Listen Listen to Simon Nicholson again and look at the organisation chart for Zanadu.

Listen Listen again and complete the description. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to write. Follow the example.

Zanadu is an international which designs, builds and distributes high performance speed boats and outboard motors.
The head of the company is Chris Dent. He has been CEO for over
years. Sally Thompson is our and Sally has been doing a wonderful job in opening up overseas sales markets during the past two years.
Our Accounts Executive is Jim Fairfax who came to us from a leading Australian company.
Under Jim and Sally we have four . There’s the design office, which has a staff of six. They take care of research and development, and make sure that we have an up-to-date* . There are four people in our buying and logistics department, and then we come to production and David Selby who is our . Under David we have a staff of twenty-eight in our workshop, and Stephen Williams is in charge of that . Our assembly plant has a staff of skilled workers and Julian Friedman deals with this area.
Moving on to sales, Sammy Davies is our Sales Manager, and he is responsible for three sectors. The , which is run by Warren Burke, Domestic which is Pedro Sanderford’s area, and finally the Advertising and Marketing department headed by Gina Shaw.

* up-to-date = moderno, actual, al día


Match the following company divisions with the definitions. Follow the example.



sells the product or service
responsible for the care and repair of machines and equipment
manufactures the products
buys supplies and raw materials
is responsible for checking the quality of the products
sends invoices to clients
recruits new employees
organizes training courses for staff development

staff = plantilla de personal
to recruit = contratar
to purchase
(formal)= comprar
to pack = envasar, empaquetar
invoice =
to handle = encargarse de, llevar
raw materials =
materias primas
runs advertising campaigns
packs the products
plans how to sell new products or services
handles investment, tax, cash management etc.
pays the staff
sends the products to the customers
deals with the clients after they have bought the product or service


Listen Listen and repeat


personnel - (departamento / seción de) personal
personal - personal, privado, íntimo, particular


Make a diagram of your company structure. Describe the different divisions and talk about the jobs and responsibilities of different employees. Record your voice and listen to the recording. How can you improve your description?

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