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Take the love test! Read the following questions and choose the best answer for you, a), b), c) or d).

1. What do you think is a romantic night?

a) A dinner with candles and soft music at home or in a restaurant.
b) Pizza and a video on the sofa.
c) A couple of beers at home while watching football or tennis on the TV with your partner.
d) Going to Bingo or the pub with your friends followed by a Chinese takeaway meal with your partner.

2. When you give a present to your lover, you usually...

a) buy expensive presents like jewellery or clothes. 
b) Buy toasters, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, or other household appliances.
c) Steal flowers from a neighbour’s garden or the local cemetery.
d) Give inexpensive but unique gifts like a special bracelet or a seashell.

3. Which of the following is the most important in your life at the moment.

a) Your job
b) Your family
c) Yourself
d) Your partner

4. When trying to get your lover’s attention, you...

a) Shout out, “Hey you!”.
b) Call out “Honey” or “Sweetheart” or use their name.
c) Walk over to them and make eye contact, then speak while face to face.
d) Send an email.

5. How often do you kiss your partner?

a) Everyday, when you say goodbye, hello, goodnight..
b) On anniversaries, special occasions and birthdays.
c) When you want sex, food or a hot drink.
d) When people are watching.

6. How much do you trust your partner?

a) With everything except money.
b) With everything except another man/woman.
c) I trust my partner completely with everything.
d) I trust my partner with nothing, not even my car.

7. How often do you and your partner argue?

a) Every day, especially about the TV channels.
b) We never have rows.
c) About once a month for four or five days.
d) We only argue about family, money, friends, holidays and work.

8. You are jealous of your partner when…

a) He/she has an affair.
b) He/she spends time with friends or work colleagues.
c) He/she has a higher score than you on the Play Station.
d) I am never jealous of my partner.

9. I communicate well with my partner...

a) Every day about most things.
b) Only when there’s nothing good on the TV.
c) When we keep in touch using our mobile phones.
d) Only if we take the time to sit down and talk about our problems.

10. How often do you go out with your partner?

a) At least twice a week.
b) We don’t go out anymore.
c) Only when he/she pays.
d) About twice a month if we are getting on well.

candles = velas
jewellery = joyas
cemetery = cementerio
unique = único
bracelet = pulsera
seashell = concha marina
trust = fiarse de/confiar
argue = discutir

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