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MUSIC – Lynne and Craig Unplugged


choir – coro
tune – melodía
to whistle –soplar
to hum – tararear
rhythm – not to be confused with “rhyme”
To tap your feet / click your fingers
(to play or sing) in tune/out of tune – afinar / desafinar
Lyrics / score / soundtrack / sound effects
to play an instrument/in a band
concert/gig; to do a gig = to give a concert
To play live (pronunciation live music/performance / recording) = en directo
to / a record = grabar / un disco / a recording = una grabación / a recording studio
to rehearse / a rehearsal = ensayar / un ensayo
unplugged = without electric instruments = acoustic
a cover version / to cover (a song) = not an original song, a version of another’s song
to release a record / song / track etc. = to make it available to the public

Music Idioms (just done 5 so it doesn’t get too long - maybe you could intersperse them with other ones that we just explain?)

What do the following idioms mean? More than one answer may be correct!

1. Face the music – a) to be punished b) when a songwriter is famous c) to finally confront a difficult situation
2. Make a song and dance out of something – a) to be very creative b) to make an unnecessary fuss c) to constantly be singing
3. It’s music to my ears – a) I like it b) I hear songs all the time c) I like wearing headphones
4. To call the tune(s) – a) to give names to songs b) to be the lead singer in a choir c) to decide what happens
5. To play by (it) by ear – a) To play without a score b) to play a game blindfolded c) to act without a plan, depending on the circumstances that arise

To jazz something up – make it more interesting

To play second fiddle – to always be the second, but not first focus of attention (fiddle=violin)
(eg. I’m tired of my boss getting all the credit for our teamwork. I’m always playing second fiddle.)

To blow your own trumpet – to say how great you yourself are

To change your tune – to change your perspective/opinion/attitude/version (eg. Peter used to say he hated London and now he loves it. He’s changed his tune.)

To ring a bell – to sound familiar (eg. I think I recognise that voice. It rings a bell.)
To ring true - to sound right

As clean as a whistle – very clean (whistle = pito)

To blow the whistle, to be a whistleblower – to publicly denounce wrongdoing (eg. Baltasar the judge blew the whistle on his corrupt colleagues and got into trouble for it.)

To strike / hit the right note / chord (acorde) – to do / say something appropriate

To end on a high note – end an event in a positive / optimistic way


Is music an important part of your life?
When, where and how do you like listening to music?
What groups/singers/types of music do you like or dislike?
Can you play an instrument or sing? What instrument would you like to be able to play?
What’s the most memorable concert you’ve been to?
Is enough emphasis given to music in education?


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