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Tips, Tricks and Language
for Online Video Interviews

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Tips, Tricks and Language for Online Video Interviews

Do you use video conference software like Skype or Zoom for work? Maybe you have video interviews with a webcam. In this stream, Lynne and Craig will help you improve your video quality - and your English!


Online interviews/meetings are becoming more popular.
Have you had any? What’s your experience of them? Do they make you more or less nervous?

General Vocabulary for Navigation:

(Screen description) Top-right, bottom-left(hand corner), Toolbar, hover your mouse, click on, scroll up/down, icon, buttons, arrow, go to/open (settings), pop-up menu, pop-up message,

Tips for Video

• Lighting - where should it be?
• Background - make sure it’s appropriate
• Picture width - position of your head and shoulders
• Choice of colours and backgrounds
• Keep eye contact with your interlocutor
• Never look at yourself and adjust your appearance while on camera. Check your feed before you go live..

Tips for Sound

• Choose a good mic
• Check for echos - use earphones
• Close windows and doors
• Don’t wear earrings or jangling jewellery - beware of mic rubbing on clothes, hair.
• Stay still
• Move your mic away or mute it if you need to cough or sneeze
• Put your phone on silent. Turn off sound notifications on PC. Put the dog/cat in another room!

Trouble-shooting language

• I’m sorry but your picture is blurred
• Can you tilt your camera? I can’t see all of your face
• Your image has frozen
• The picture has come back up now.
• Can you restart your video feed?
• Please turn on/off your video feed?
• Can you go out of the session then come in again?
• Can you share your screen?
• Can you see my screen?
• Can you open the chat file?
• Can you mute/un-mute your microphone?
• Just to check - is the sound OK?
• I’m sorry but your sound is very loud/low. Can you put the mic closer to your mouth?
• You’re breaking up. Can you say that again?
• Sorry I didn’t catch that. I can’t hear you very well.
• The sound is distorted.
• Can you hear me OK?
• Where was I? What was I saying? As I was saying before we were interrupted….

More advice

• Always have the chat file open
• Think about dress - make sure you are fully dressed in case you have to get up.
• Think about background
• Think about where you might have any cheat sheets and make them visible so you don’t rustle
• If you are disturbed apologise and turn off your mike to deal with the disturbance
• Never multi-task and do something else while you’re in the interview.
• If possible have a mobile number on hand in case you have to trouble-shoot by phone.
• Try to practise with a friend.
• Wired internet connection always better and more stable than WiFi
• If bandwidth is low, turn off video and have audio only
• Close other apps that might take away bandwidth from the call
• Reboot your PC the day before an important call. 


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