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Rick needed his sunglasses. The lights inside Sony Plaza, in Tokyo’s financial district, were very bright. 

‘The last time I was in a space as big as the entrance lobby was last week at the baseball stadium’, thought Rick. 

The sexy Japanese receptionist smiled at Rick as he came out of the elevator on the 69th floor.

‘Itchifanni?’ said Rick, ‘I’m here to see Mr. Itchifanni.’

‘Do you have an appointment, sir ?’ asked the girl, as her eyes took the clothes off Rick’s body.

‘Yes, at two thirty. I’m Mr. Mansworth, but please, call me Rick. 

‘Of course. Please go right in, Rick.’

‘No, it’s Rick.’ ‘Thank you’

‘Yes Lick, that’s light. ‘You’re welcome. Mr. Itchifanni is expecting you’

Rick and itchifanni shook hands. He was a short man with a big smile and a designer suit. There was another man in the room.

‘Rick, may I introduce Mr. Fukhada, Sony’s sales manager. He’s in charge of our overseas market and responsible for our music sales on the internet.’

Fukhada was a tall man with yellow teeth and dandruff.

‘It’s a pleasure Rick.’ Said Fukhada, ‘please, have a seat.’

‘Thanks.’ Said Rick. He was waiting for the Sony representatives to make the first move.

‘As you know Rick,’ said Itchifanni, ‘Sony has lost a lot of money since the beginning of the year. Our internet sales have decreased by 76% overseas, and 62% nationally. If we continue in this way, Sony will be bankrupt by the end of the year.’

‘That’s right,’ said Fukhada, ‘our internet company already owes the bank $6 million, and our shares have fallen by three points on the Tokyo stock exchange. This is why we would like your services Rick,’ said Itchifanni. ‘we must earn money and make a profit this year.
‘If you agreed to work with us Rick, what would be your fee?’

‘$800 a day plus expenses.’ Replied Rick.

‘What do you mean?’ asked Fukhada.

‘Oh, the usual, car hire, meals, air tickets. I’ll need to fly all over the world to catch these internet music pirates. And of course, I’ll need a home PC and a laptop.’

‘It’s a deal!’ said Itchifanni. The three men smiled and shook hands. Rick was thinking of all the cool jazz music he’ll he would be able to download with his new PC.

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