- Escribe el verbo en gerundio o infinitivo, según corresponda:

1. I'm looking forward to the film. (see)
2. I was surprised about the new president. (not hear)
3. is a good form of exercise. (run)
4. There's a lot of work on the new house. (do)
5. John decided to Helen for a month or two. (not write)
6. It really is time . (go)
7. There are some very interesting things in Paris. (see)
8. We decided until the end of the match. (not stay)
9. I think you're going to have to give up tennis. (play)
10. You miss to see your children every week. (be able)

- Escríbe una frase para contestar esta pregunta. Luego comprueba si tu respuesta esta en la lista de las razones más frecuentes. 

I’m learning English to
- Ahora escribe más frases diciendo la razón por la que la gente va a los siguientes sitios:
A language school 

1. A train station
2. A restaurant
3. A cinema
4. A bank
5. A tennis court
6. An airport
7. A clothes shop
8. A cyber café
9. A disco
10. A pub
11. A swimming pool
12. A travel agent’s

- Cambia las siguientes frases usando las palabras entre paréntesis. Sigue el ejemplo. No olvides poner el verbo en el tiempo correcto.
Angeles said I’d be perfect for the job and it would be a good idea if I took it. (encourage)

1. “Please bring us some more wine.” Said Harry to the waiter. (ask)

2. Luis gave me computer lessons, and now I can use the computer. (teach)

3. “Don’t forget to send an email.” Ruben told me. (remind)

4. “You’ll probably be late as usual.” They said (expect)

5. It’s better if you phone the hotel. (would prefer)

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