A)- Pon los verbos en 'future simple' o 'present simple' según proceda:
1. After I the old people's home, I you how grandma is. (visit) / (tell)
2. As soon as she me I you know. (phone) / (let)
3. I you before I to London. (see) / (fly)
4. I Helen when we to Paris. (phone) / (get)
5. I this report when I at home. (finish) / (be)

B)- Completa las frases escribiendo el tiempo verbal en 'future simple' o 'future continuous' 

1. At eight o'clock on Monday evening we over San Francisco. (fly)
2. He our university next month. I him then. (visit) / (ask)
3. I to lend you the bike tomorrow. I it all day. (not be able) / (use)
4. What early on Saturday night?. (you do)
5. Next month they in England. (live)

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