- Completa las frases utilizando 'MANY' , 'MUCH' , 'A LOT',  'A LOT OF'.

Do you drink a lot of / much water?
I like music, I've got a lot of / many CD's

1) It didn't cost money to go to New Zealand.
2) How songs can you sing?
3) There's rice in the cupboard.
4) Paco visited countries when he went on holiday.
5) How interesting cities did Paco see?
6) He didn't see cities, but he saw friends.
7) Do you eat cheese? Yes, .
8) Did you send postcards to friends? Yes, I did.

- Completa las frases utilizando 'SOME',  'ANY'

Would you like some coffee? Yes please.
There isn't any flour in the cupboard.
Did you make any sandwiches for the picnic?

1. Do you know good restaurants in Barcelona?
2. Would you like more potatoes?
3. When I went to Paris I visited interesting museums, but I didn't go to art galleries.
4. Are there messages for me on the answer phone?
5. I'd like tomatoes and mushrooms please. But I don't want carrots.

- Completa las frases utilizando 'A LITTLE', 'LITTLE', 'A FEW', 'FEW'

We have a little money
I read a few books last summer

1. I bought postcards in Paris.
2. Can you ask the waiter for more wine please darling?
3. You haven't passed all of the exams, you've only passed
4. people go out on Monday night in Valencia. There is almost no traffic.
5. I like to drink lemon juice before I have breakfast.
6. can I take pieces of paper, please?
7. $70 a week is money these days if you want to buy a flat.

- Escribe 'MOST' , 'MOST OF' , 'ALL' en las espacios en blanco según convenga

All I want for the future is to be healthy and happy.
I like most of these CD's, but I can't buy them all.

1. Yesterday I spent my money, and now I don't have anything.
2. people in Madrid speak Spanish, but not of them.
3. In Valencia, the shops open at 9 o'clock, but not of them.
4. In Ireland it rains the time.
5. All German cars are well-made, but I like BMW's the .
6. I must be in love, because I can think about is you.



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