- Escribe el articulo a / an cuando sea necesario

Bottle of milk 'a' bottle of milk ('bottle' es contable) 
Rain is good for the grass ('rain' es incontable)

1. Bob drinks
 2. Does Jack like
3. I have
old car.
bread isn't expensive.
5. Do you want
cup of tea?
6. My husband never drinks
7. Australia is
8. I want to buy
new car
9. I need
glass of water
10. Can I have
bar of chocolate?

- Elige cuál de las alternativas propuestas NO es adecuada. Sigue el ejemplo.

Ex. Can you give me another of paper, please?

1. I would appreciate it if you could send me information about your company.
2. Please help yourself to more champagne.
3. Valencia is famous for having very nice weather.
4. This Mansion Ingles CD Rom has good advice.
5. I saw shoes in the shops yesterday, but they were too expensive.
6. We don’t usually have money when we get back from holiday.
7. It’s better not to take luggage to Tanzania if you’re going to move around the country.
8. It would be great if you could come and stay with us for days.
9. Congratulations on the baby! It’s so nice to hear good news for a change.
10. English and German people are buying houses on the Costa Blanca.

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