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Una prueba de nivel para el Cambridge First Certificate in English

There are four parts to this First Certificate level test. You should complete all four parts before you check your answers.

Time allowed: 45 minutes


Read the text below about La Mansión del Inglés. Use the word at the end of the line to form a word that fits into the space in the same line. Follow the example (0).  
There are many websites available on the internet, but Luis and I feel that this one is (0) .   beat
Students who study with us have informed us of steady (1) , and there has also   improved
been a (2) increase in their   notice
(3) to use and understand English.   able
A big (4) for me, is that   advantage
I am not in direct touch with the students (5) .   person
Of course many are contactable by email, but this is of little (6) because I enjoy the   compensate
atmosphere in the classroom . However, I have come to the (7) that my time is being very well spent, and I hope that   conclude
the (8) of our experience and high   combine
(9) together with our desire to work   motivate
(10) hard, will result in giving you an even better quality of 'on-line' English.   increase

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.


Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap.
Use only one word in each gap.
There is an example at the beginning (0).

Giving a Successful Presentation
(0) speakers feel a little nervous at the start (1) a presentation. The answer is to pay special attention to the beginning. First impressions are important and this is the time when you need (2) get the attention of your audience. When you begin, try to speak slowly and calmly. It’s a good idea to learn your introduction by heart. After a (3) moments, you will relax and gain confidence.
You need to build a warm and friendly relationship with your audience. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you are enthusiastic your audience will be enthusiastic too. And (4)
careful to establish eye contact (5) each member of your audience. Each person should feel that you are speaking directly to (6) or her.
It is, of course, important that your audience can hear you clearly (7)
your presentation. Remember that if you turn (8) from your audience, for example towards the whiteboard, you need to speak (9) little more loudly. In general, you should try to vary your voice. Your voice will then be more interesting for your audience. The important point is (10) to speak in the same, flat, monotonous voice throughout your presentation. This could put your audience to sleep!
Of all (11)
information that enters our brains, (12) of it enters through the eyes. 80% of what your audience learn during your presentation is learned visually (what they see) and only 20% is learned aurally (what they hear).
It is well worth spending time in the creation of good visual aids. But it is equally important not to use (13)
many. Keep the information on each visual aid to a minimum, and give your audience time to look (14) and absorb this information. Remember, your audience have never seen these visual aids (15) . They need time to study and to understand them. Without understanding there is no communication.

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.


Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given (contractions count as two words). There is an example at the beginning.  
My girlfriend is a car mechanic in a garage near here.
My girlfriend in a garage near here.
1. “You made me late, Charles!” said Camilla.
Camilla late.
2. I expect you were exhausted after working all the weekend.
You exhausted after working all the weekend.
3. “I’ll see you Saturday night Samantha,” said Randy.
Randy see her Saturday night.
4. I don’t object to you sleeping with other men.
I you sleeping with other men.
5. Although he was very tired, Pepito agreed to do the shopping.
Pepito agreed to do the shopping tired.
6. This is the first time I’ve had a siesta.
I'm not a siesta.
7. Could you look after our plants while we are on holiday?
Would you mind our plants while we are on holiday?
8. Jack Nicholson is the best actor in Hollywood.
Nobody in Hollywood Jack Nicholson.
9. My uncle was 65 when he learnt Spanish.
My uncle learnt Spanish 65.
10. “Whose is this Gameboy?” the teacher asked the students.
Who ? the teacher asked the students.
11. They aren’t selling tickets for the U2 concert until next week.
Tickets for the U2 concert until next week.
12. Manoli couldn’t eat the curry because it was too spicy.
The curry Manoli to eat.
13. I’m sorry I didn’t kiss her when I had the chance.
I her when I had the chance.
14. You may have to sleep outside so take a sleeping bag.
Take a sleeping bag sleep outside.
15. The last time I got drunk was eight months ago.
I eight months.

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 2 puntos por cada respuesta correcta.


You will hear part of an interview on a radio programme about travel and tourism. For questions 9-18, complete the sentences which summarise Craig’s trek on Mount Kilimanjaro.  
The highest Craig got to was 1 metres.

If Craig had gone up slower, he wouldn’t have had such a problem with the

When Craig got up at midnight, he was too
3 to climb any higher.

He suffered from headaches and a bad pain in his

Craig thinks if you get altitude sickness while climbing, the best thing is to

The temperature at the top was
6 below zero.

The water, food, tents and equipment were carried by

Craig thinks that meeting
8 on the route is a positive thing.

Craig was disappointed about not getting to the top because he had done a lot of
9 before the trip.

Craig’s going to climb Kilimanjaro again when he’s

Haz click para escuchar el sonido. Listen

Comprueba tus respuestas y suma 1 punto por cada respuesta correcta.

Suma los puntos de las cuatro pruebas. TOTAL RESULT =
(MAXIMUM SCORE 65 points) 

El presente material es de utilidad para la preparación de FCE. El material online es una pequeña parte de un completo Curso de FIRST CERTIFICATE disponible en CD Rom y para su Descarga Online. Si deseas conocer si tu nivel actual es adecuado para preparar el examen, puedes realizar también una prueba de nivel.

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