Course Plan-Intermediate Course

1. Family (one) Aunt, Uncle etc. ‘A Family Tree’ The mafia-match titles to paragraphs ‘The Godfather’ 7 monophthongs  
2. Family (two) Phrasal Verbs (1)
Vocab Review
Francis & Terry on ‘Family’     personal pronouns, determiners and possessives
3. Love (one) ‘Love’ vocab-matching.
Gap fill (Cyber-Love)
1.‘Are You a Good Lover?’(Mult. Choice quiz)
2. ‘Love Psychology’
Graham & Pat on Love   Verb patterns- Gerund/Infinitives
4. Love (two) Vocab Review Translation – A love poem   5 more monophthongs Indirect Speech
5. Money (one) 1.Spending money in Boulder
2.Matching (verbs and nouns)
Bill Gates-Match titles to paragraphs
The Rich List   The passive
6. Money (two) Phrasal Verbs (2)
Vocab Review
  Innes and Wendy on Money (The Money Quiz) 1.Monophthongs revision
2.Intro 4 diphthongs
Past simple and present perfect
7. Sport (one) 1.Sports vocab. and verb collocations.
2. mind mapping/word families
  - Guess the Sport
- Mark on football
  Relative pronouns and clauses
8. Sport (two) Vocab Review Unusual sports - Danny on Ice Hockey
- Danny on Baseball
1. Intro 4 more diphthongs
2. symbols and sounds revision chart (single and double vowels)
9. Shopping (one) 1.Shops
1.Shopping at Harrods
2.Confessions of Flavia.
That’s a nice skirt!    
10. Shopping (two) - Buying clothes
- Vocab Review
  Fran, Steph and El Tel at the supermarket Intro. - 5 difficult consonants.
Falling and rising intonation (in Tag questions)
Tag questions
11. Holidays (one) 1. Holiday vocab.
2. India
3.Adjectives and nouns (Cuba)
  1. Craig’s holiday
2. Danny-America
  The Future
12. Holidays (two) Directions
Phrasal Verbs(3)
Vocab Review
Cuba Gullible Travels   1.Voiced/unvoiced consonants. 1st and 2nd Conditional (Ann Arbor)
13. Food
1.Cooking vocab.
2.fruit and vegetables
2.Healthy eating with Dr. Kwack Val on Cooking   Modals -advice/prohibition
(must/n’t, should/n’t)
14. Food
1. cooking verbs
2. Kitchen or Chicken?
Vocab Review
Recipe-Fruit Crumble Steph on cooking 1.Word stress
2. Pron. Fruit&veg
1. The Imperative
2. Conjunctions
(although, however, because etc.)
15. The Cinema
1. Cinema vocab.
2. Film Genres
3. Friends and semi-friends
Film Reviews Dictation (Matrix)   ‘If’ sentences
16. The Cinema
Phrasal Verbs(6)
Vocab Review
  Steph & Terry on Cinema Silent letters ‘If’ sentences
(would y will)
17. News
1.News Vocab.
2.Sections of a paper
News Articles Wild news stories ‘ed’ endings- past simple  
18. News
Phrasal Verbs(5)
Vocab Review
Writing an email 1.A News Report
2. Cuba
19. Technology
1. Computer speak 1. technophobe
2. mobile phones
IT Questionnaire The shwa Question forms
20. Technology
Telephone English
Vocab Review
1. You know you’re living in 2004 when...
2. New Technology
1.Kevin On Technology.
2.Telephone conversations
3. New Technology
  Modals - Probability
(must / can’t
could / may / might)
21. Work
1. Jobs and Professions
2. Work vocab.
3. Barry Bean
Interesting Jobs 1. Mark on Work
2. Pat on nursing

22. Work
Vocab. Review Writing a C.V. 1. A Job Interview
2. Wendy on work
The /h/ sound
1.Mixed verb tenses
2.Present perfect simple and continuous
23. Music (one) 1. music vocab
2. Types of music
Bob Marley Mark on Music   3rd conditional (introduction)
24. Music (two) Phrasal Verbs(4)
Vocab Review
  Steph on Music
3. Paul McCartney
2.Word Stress-weak forms
3rd conditional practice (with Bob) and mixed conditional.

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