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Do you remember the following phrasal verbs with up? Complete the sentences using the following verbs in the correct form.

1. I’m going to drinking beer. I’m so fat that I can’t see my feet anymore! 
2. Rafa’s photography. He’s just bought one of the latest and most expensive digital cameras.
3. I don’t know how my wife me. I’m a bad husband and a terrible person to live with. 
4. If you don’t , we’ll miss the train! 
5. I’ve lived in Paris for twenty-five years, but I in a small village in Spain.
6. Leave the dirty dishes until tomorrow. I’ll in the morning.
7. My parents find it very difficult to technology. The world is changing too fast for them.
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8. I’m going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow I have to at 6.30. 

Match the sentences on the left with those on the right. Follow the example.

You really take after your father a) Do you think you could look after my dog for a couple of days?
1. We’ve run out of coffee. b) I’m only eating a small piece after each meal.
2. I’m going to be late for work. c) and fill in this form with your name, address and employment history.
3. I’m going away on business
for the weekend.. 
d) My car’s broken down and I’m miles from 
4. If you don’t like the colour, e) why don’t you take the shirt back to the shop and change it?
5. I’ve finally managed to cut down on chocolate. f) Would you mind going to the supermarket to buy some more?
6. Please sit down over there Mr. 
g) She’s the nicest, sexiest girl in the office.
7. I’d give anything to go out
with Maria.
h) You’re stubborn, mean, selfish and stupid!Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas

Do you remember these phrasal verbs?

What do you say when ...

1. …you’re trying to work and the TV is disturbing you? 
Please can you the TV ?
2. …you speak to someone on the phone just before you meet them.
I ‘m meeting you.
3. …you’re in a clothes shop looking at a dress, but you’re not sure if it’s the right size.
Can I ?
4. …you’re at the airport and you don’t know when your flight leaves for London.
Excuse me. What time does the plane ?
5. …you have a bad memory and you need to write information on paper.
Just a second please, I’d like to .
6. …your friend borrowed $200 weeks ago and hasn’t said anything about the money.
When are you going to ?
7. … you want to know if the relationship is good between your friend and his/her boss.
Do you your boss?
8. …you want someone to wait before they close the door of the lift.
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Please a second, I’m just coming!

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