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Haz Click para escuchar This is Bob. Listen to what happened to him last week. 

Write the missing information.

· Bob was walking home from work last when he saw his friend John outside the Pub. 
· Bob went for a 'quick' with John. 
· Bob more friends in the pub.
· Bob drank beers and whiskeys.
· Bob went to a with his friends. 
· He got home at o’clock in the morning.
· He didn’t for work on .
· His boss gave him the sack, so he lost his .
· He didn’t have any .
· Bob couldn’t pay his .
· He had to leave his .
· Now he’s living on a bench in the .

Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas  

quick = rápido
to give (s.o.) the sack = despedir
bench = banco (asiento)

Do you think Bob would like to change the past?

Imagine you are Bob. Write 'if' sentences about the past. Look at page 5 of lesson 23 if you need help with the grammar.

1. If I (not meet) two more friends, I (not drink) ten beers and three whiskeys.

2. If I (not drink) ten beers and three whiskeys, I (not go) to a night club.

3. If I (not go) to a night club, I (not get) home at 4 o’clock in the morning.

4. If I (not get) home at 4 o’clock in the morning, I (get up) for work on Friday.

5. If I (get up) for work on Friday, my boss (not give me) the sack.

6. If I (not lose) my job, I (have some money) at the end of the month.

7. If I (have some money), I (be able to pay) my rent.

8. If I (be able to pay) my rent, I (not have to leave) my flat.
Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
9. If I (not have to leave) my flat, I (not be living) on a bench in the park now.

Haz Click para escuchar Listen and repeat.

Haz Click para escuchar Listen to Steph talking about music and answer the following questions.

1. Does Steph always listen to the same type of music?

2. When did Steph see Meatloaf in concert?

3. Why didn’t she see The Beatles?

4. Did Elvis Presley ever perform in England?
(*to perform = tocar, cantar)

5. Has Steph got tickets to see Paul McCartney?
Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas

6. Steph would like to be able to 

Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and write the missing words in the transcription.

- Steph, what kind of music do you listen to at home?
- I think my music varies what mood I’m in at the time. Erm.. sometimes I like very soft music, like Johnny Mathis and Neil Sedaka. But then if I’m very up, then I listen to Genesis, Meatloaf, Queen, and The Beatles are my absolute .
- So you’ve got quite a wide range of listening…
- I’d like to think so.
- What’s the best you’ve seen?
- Erm.. Meatloaf, definitely. I managed to see them just before we moved over to Spain, which was the best thing I’ve ever seen.
- You didn’t get round to seeing The Beatles then?
- No, unfortunately I was too young.
- If you’d had the chance, which would you have seen before they broke up?
- Erm…well I’d have to say two, and that would have obviously been The Beatles. But also I adore Queen, so I’d really liked to have seen Queen.
- Two quite contrasting musics there, isn’t there? Yeah.
Is there a band or a singer you haven’t seen yet, that you would like to see?
- Erm… 
- I can answer that one myself. I’d liked to have seen Elvis Presley, and he was about my age… about the same age as me, but because he wasn’t er..I was going to say, he wasn’t allowed to perform in England. He never ever did. He only ever stopped off once, changing planes. Don’t know why he was never… allowed to play the UK.
- That was because of Colonel Parker.
- Anyway, . What were… ?
- Well…any that’s around at the moment. We were trying to get tickets to see Paul McCartney this year. But unfortunately as soon as they went , they were sold out. So, I’d like to have seen him again. I’ve seen him once already.
- Rolling Stones, no?
- No, not really.
- Okay. If you’d learnt to an when you were younger, what would you liked to have played?
- Erm.. well to be honest, I’ve never wanted to an . The thing that appeals to me is that I’d really liked to have been able to sing.
- Oh, that’s a shame!
- I know, you can sing .
- Well, a little bit. I’d like to have played the drums.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
- Well, bashing…it gets rid of a lot of frustration, doesn’t it? As well as enjoying what you’re doing.
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- Yeah, exactly.
- Yeah.

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