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    Descargar cómo preparar una Entrevista de Trabajo en Inglés

Haz Click para escuchar Listen to an interview and decide if the following statements are true or false.

1. Paul is being interviewed for a job as Director of Studies.  Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
2. Paul is currently unemployed.
3. He has had some experience teaching children.
4. He has never been to Ireland.
5. He speaks a little Italian.
6. The interview takes place in London.

Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and complete the transcription with the missing words. Write contractions (I’ve, I’m, you’re etc) in one space. Use the pause button on your media player to give you time to write the words.
(Escríbe las contracciones en un solo espacio)

- Good morning, I’m Kevin, the Director of Studies. ?
- Hello, . I'm Paul Ziggerflitz
- Please, have a seat Paul.
- Thank you.
- Well, you have been short-listed for the post as Head Teacher, and I see from your CV that a lot of teaching experience, but less experience on the office administration side.
- Yes, that’s true, and the reason I this job is that I’m very keen to become more involved in the admin. side of a language school. 
- , Paul?
- 1994 I think. Yes, I got my diploma in September ’94, so nearly ten years.
- And I see that in many different countries?
- Yes, quite a few. in France, Spain, Ireland, China, Thailand and now Italy. And of course the UK and Ireland.
- You haven’t mentioned on your application form where at the moment.
- No, I was made redundant from a post I held at a language school in Liverpool.
- Why was that?
- Well, student registration , and as I was the last teacher employed, I was the first to lose his job, unfortunately.
- I see. with children before?
- Oh yes, I with 8-11 year-olds for six months in Dublin two years , and I 12 to 15 year-olds in Montpellier for almost a year. Those positions are detailed on my CV.
- here in Milan, Paul?
- For almost five months now.
- How’s your Italian?
- . I regularly twice a week, I’d say it’s intermediate level more or less, so I get by.
- So your language skills are very good; French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.
- I languages. It’s a bit of a hobby really.
Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
- Well Paul, we’d like you to do a demonstration lesson for ........

Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas read the complete transcription. Use the help box below for difficult words.

to shortlist (s.o) = poner a uno en la lista de candidatos escogidos
post/position = puesto, empleo
Head Teacher = director
CV = curriculum vitae (resumé – US)
I’m very keen = tengo muchas ganas
to become involved = meterse en, enredarse en, embrollarse en
admin. = administration (administración)
to mention = mencionar, aludir a
application form = hoja de solicitud
to be made redundant = ser despedido por cierre de empresa o reducción de plantilla
to drop = bajar, disminuir
to get by = arreglarse, apañarse, defenderse
skills = habilidades, destrezas

'Interview' refiere una entrevista de trabajo y también la entrevista que realiza un periodista.

The footballer has refused to give interviews = El jugador se ha negado a conceder entrevistas. 

'interviewer' es el entrevistador, e 'interviewee' la persona entrevistada.

Cuando se trata de una charla o conversación informal, se denomina 'chat'.


El contenido y la exposición en general suele corresponderse con un curriculum 'estándar' en español.

Incluye tus:

Datos personales (Personal Details)

 - Nombre y apellidos
(Name and surname). En los países de habla inglesa solamente suele utilizarse el nombre ('first name') y primer apellido que se suele corresponder con el apellido paterno ('surname o last name')

 - Dirección particular
(Home address)
 - Número de teléfono
(Telephone number)
 - Edad
 - Estado civil
(Marital status)

Formación académica (Education)

Incluye los títulos obtenidos especificando el país y centro/universidad donde cursaste los estudios y la equivalencia u homologación cuando exista a los del país correspondiente. Indicar tu nivel de conocimiento del inglés y otros idiomas es por supuesto conveniente. No olvides incluir aquéllos cursos y formación complementaria que hayas realizado.

Experiencia laboral (Work Experience)

- Ocupaciones anteriores y empresas en las que se desempeñaron, duración de las tareas desarrolladas, contenido de las mismas y cargo que se ocupó.

Otra información (Other information)

Puedes incluir como información complementaria referencias
(referees) de profesores, jefes anteriores, etc. También objetivos profesionales (careers aims) y aficiones (interest and activities)

Read the following two CV’s and decide which one you think is better and more appropriate. CV 1 or CV 2.

CV 1

Peter Pound
26 Benefit Drive, Pitee Mee
London, SW1 4WW
Tel: (0161) 234 1234

· Abilitee to find and corekt erors. 
· Extensive background in accounting. I can also stand on my head!
· I am a rabid typist.
· My intensity and focus are at strangely high levels, and my ability to complete projects on time is unspeakable.
· I have become completely paranoid, trusting completely nothing and absolutely no one.
· My ambition is to be an actor. But because I have no talent, I suppose I should try insurance.

· None

· Curses in liberal arts, curses in computer science, curses in accounting
· Exposure to German for two years, but many words are not appropriate for business.

· I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse.
· Created a new market for pigs by processing, advertising and selling a gourmet pig mail order service on the internet.

· Married, 1995 Mercedes Benz Sports.
· Date of birth: 1st April 1976
· Driving Licence: Yes, but the police took it last year for drunken driving.

· Donating blood. 15 litres so far.

· None, I've left a path of destruction behind me.
· Don't take the comments of my last employer seriously. He is a horrible person.

CV 2

Justin Time
5 Upyour Street
LD16 4UP
Tel: 0131 000 8989

I am an experienced, competent and hardworking administration assistant with excellent organisational skills and a methodical approach to responsibilities. I am highly flexible and adaptable to changing organisational needs. I enjoy the challenge of completing tasks effectively and on time.

- 1996 to 1998
National Certificate in Business Administration
Emmanuel College, Leeds
Obtained by correspondence course. The modules included: Team Building, Communication, Information Technology, Office Admin, Marketing.
- 1988 to 1996
Bunyan High School, Bywaters Road, Leeds, LD16 4DP
I achieved the following qualifications:
Higher - English Level C, OIS Level B
Standard Grades - Maths Level 3, History Level 4, Science Level 3, Home Economics Level 3.

· Good oral and written communication skills.
· Good IT skills using Microsoft Word for the PC. Word Processing, spreadsheets and databases.
· Extensive skills using telephone, fax, photocopier machine.
· Experienced in servicing meetings, compiling agendas, taking minutes, organising space.
· good interpersonal skills and experienced at working in a team.

- 1999 to Present
Admin Assistant
TopCon Consultancy, 94 Selby Road, Leeds, LD16 4TD
Providing admin support to a small team. Main duties including: Helping to set up systems, servicing some meetings, keeping the office diary, acting as a reception/ referral point to all visitors, computer input, including database info, faxing, photocopying and taking and passing on telephone messages, taking charge of all ordering and maintaining stock levels.
- 1996 to 1999
Office Junior
Bodget & Leggit, Builders Merchant, Upyour Street, Chester, CH9 1AM
Working as receptionist and first point of contact for clients and visitors in person and on the phone, passing on messages. Co-ordinating diaries for 2 directors. completing typing requests using Microsoft Word. I attended college one day a week to complete a National Certificate in Admin. I applied skills learned to the job.

I compete in a local football team, I train twice a week. To relax, I listen to music with my friends and I rise to the challenge of computer games.

Available on request

Which C.V. do you think is better?. Why?Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas


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