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Read the text and answer the questions.

1. Is Ray a technophile or a technophobe? 

2. What did the man order nine tickets for?
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3. Do you think the writer likes or hates technology?

There’s a woman I work with called Ray who hates technology. She refuses to send and read emails, she can’t work the video and she often has problems with the coffee machine! 
Ray is not alone. She’s one of many with a mental block against technology. Her fear of anything 'High-tech' is far above her ability to deal with even the simplest of gadgets. The thing is, Ray is one of the most intelligent people I know. 

The movie theatre near me has an ATM (automated ticket machine). In theory, you use the touch screen and a credit card and avoid the line of crying children and annoying parents. Excellent. But the guy in front of me yesterday was definitely anti-technology. He desperately tried to figure the machine out. Confused by instructions like "Touch the name of the movie you want tickets for," he ends up ordering nine tickets because he doesn’t press the "End" button; he keeps pressing "Add ticket." 
It’s because he thinks of the machine as "technology," not as a ‘ticket-printing machine.’ It’s all about attitude and our perception of technology, in my opinion. 
When it comes to "technology," the word has taken on a meaning of its own. To technophiles, it might mean "cool toys that can make your life easier." To technophobes, it means "a scary thing with lots of buttons that only a child can understand." People were probably afraid of wheels at one point, and electric lights, and running water. I’m sure Ray would have been!

Choose the word or expression which is the most similar in meaning to the words and expressions highlighted in the text. Use the context of the text to help you.
Elíge la palabra o expresión que tiene el significado más cercano a la de las que están en negrita en el texto. Utiliza el contexto para ayudarte.

a) to record
b) to operate
c) to play

1. gadget   
a) a small mechanical or electronic device or tool
b) a small book
c) a machine used only for making coffee and hot drinks

2. a line   
a) a group of crying children
b) a type of credit card for young people.
c) a queue (una cola)

3. guy   
a) a person who goes to the cinema
b) a person who hates technology
c) an informal word for a man.

4. to figure (sth.) out   
a) to understand something
b) to buy something in the street
c) to buy something from a machine.

5. to end up   
a) to be the last person
b) what happens finally
c) to pay for a ticket

6. to press   
a) apretar
b) tirar
c) procurar

7. scary   
a) something made of plastic
b) something that makes you happy
c) something that makes you frightened and afraid

8. wheels   
a) fantasmas
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b) ruedas

c) ruidos

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