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The following email should be in an INFORMAL style.
Read the email and choose the more INFORMAL expressions.

Don’t be silly! You don’t need to thank me for helping you with your English, it’s my job. I’m sure Bournemouth is very different from Argentina, and you must be happy to be back with your family, your twelve brothers and your mother’s terrific cooking.

Homer Simpson is one of my favourite cartoon characters, and I’ve always wanted a Homer Simpson toothbrush. Every time I brush my teeth I’ll think of you Maria. send me a Bart Simpson T-shirt?

I think you are very attractive too, and one of the nicest students I’ve ever had in my class. Actually I do have a girlfriend. Her name is Helen, and we’ve been living together for four years. give you the wrong impression, and that last night in the pub. I hope you weren’t embarrassed.

It was really kind of you to invite me to stay with you in Argentina, but it won’t be easy to save so much money on an English teacher’s salary. two air tickets?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Take care and good luck with the operation.

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PS. I love the photo of you and the donkey

silly = tonto/a
terrific = tremendo/estupendo
gift/present = regalo
toothbrush = cepillo de dientes
I didn’t mean (+inf.) = No tenía la intención de
take care = cuidate

Read the email again and answer the following questions.

1. What is the relationship between Dave and Maria? 

2. The writer (Dave) 

3. What did Maria send Dave?
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Read Maria’s reply to Dave’s email. The email has many mistakes. Find the mistakes and correct them. Write the corrected email in the space below.

Hola Dave:

I happy that you like the toothbrush and the foto of me up the donkey. I try find a T-shirt of Bart Simpson for you.

I have a bad new. My dad no work now and my brothers same. They are think to make a football team. I no can find a work either. I help my mum always to make the housework. We not have many money so I no can send you the plane tickets. I sorry Dave.

I miss you and your sexy smile. I not know you had a girlfriend. I very sad. But don’t preocupate, I not get embarazada in the pub. I had too many beer.

I know you have 28 years and I only have 17, but if you break your girlfriend I want be your especial girl.

Much kisses,


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