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Match the different sections of a newspaper below with what you would expect to find there. Follow the example.

 1. Business and money.

 2. Sports

 3. Health, fashion, food

 4. Reviews

 5. Editorial

 6. Reader’s letters

 7. Obituaries

 8. Classified

 9. Personal

10. TV and entertainment guide

11. Weather forecast

Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas

Haz Click para escuchar Listen and repeat.

Before you listen to a news report, match the following words with their Spanish translation.

disease Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
to cancel
to disturb 
to bomb
to injure
to kill

Haz Click para escuchar Listen to the pronunciation and repeat the words.

Haz Click para escuchar Now listen to a news report. How many different news stories do you hear?

Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas

Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and answer the following questions.

1. How many people were killed and injured when Barcelona was bombed?

2. Which continent has been closed because of a disease?

3. A football match between which two teams has been cancelled?

4. Where were the last two whales killed yesterday?

5. What were they killed for?

6. Where does Remi Martin live?
Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
7. What did she win?

Read the transcription and choose the best verb form.

Good Afternoon. It’s 5pm and here is the news.

Barcelona today as the war between the European Union and the Asian Axis continues. 19 people and an unknown number when Iranian, Syrian and North Korean planes the centre of Barcelona early this morning.
American Foreign Secretary, Donald Duck, the European Union not to disturb the political balance between Asian and Middle eastern countries.

The African continent completely closed and quarantined against the new pneumonia-like illness ‘BARS’. No one to enter or leave Africa, all planes until further notice and the world cup qualifying match between Kenya and Nicaragua .

Whales extinct. The last two known whales alive, a male and a female for meat and oil near the coast of Argentina yesterday. This the disappearance from the world’s seas and oceans last year of all dolphins. African Elephants were the last species to disappear after to extinction by ivory hunters. World leaders regret and say that the whales greatly missed.

Remi Martin, the famous American actress and pop star to accept the Oscar for her performance in the film ‘Love me tonight’. When reporters asked her, outside her multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu, California, why she the award, she replied, ‘It wouldn’t look good in my living room’. 

Check your answers Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas with the complete transcription.

Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and read the transcription. Use the 'Help' box for difficult vocabulary.

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