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los phrasal verbs

Here are some more examples. 

1. I
get on with my boss very well. We often go to the pub together after work.
2. I was attacked by two men. They hit me, kicked me and
ran away with my wallet.
3. We’ve
run out of coffee. Can you buy some when you go out later?
4. I can’t
keep up with the other students in my Spanish class. They’re all going to fast.
5. I used to
go out with a Russian girl called Ena. She was an artist.
6. My parents had to
put up with a lot of problems when I was young.
7. If I
cut down on chocolate, cakes and biscuits, I should be able to lose some weight.
8. I can’t find my keys. I think they
fell out of my pocket when I was running for the bus.

Match the definitions with the phrasal verbs 1-8.

a) come out from inside
b) have a good relationship with
c) reduce the quantity of
d) escape with
e) tolerate
f) stay at the same level as
g) be left without
h) see socially, romantically on a regular basis
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Complete the following sentences with the best phrasal verb for each context.

1. If we beer in the middle of the party, go and buy more from the supermarket.
2. I can’t Jesús and Pepe. They run faster than me and I’m always last.
3. I’ve never been able to my sister. She loves to argue with me.
4. Last summer we went rafting with Dad, and it was so funny when he the raft.
5. We took our dog to the beach yesterday, and while we were swimming he one of my shoes.
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Do the same as the previous exercise with four more multi-word verbs.

1. I receiving your reply as soon as possible.
2. The doctor told me to smoking and drinking.
3. I don’t know how you manage to your neighbours. They’re dirty, noisy, rude and disgusting.
4. I’d love to Emma. Do you think she’s interested in me?
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