Speaker 1
I work flexitime in my insurance company which means I have to clock on and clock off every time I start and finish work. Our managers have to do it too which is quite unusual.
We can start any time before 11 am and the earliest we can leave is 3 in the afternoon. We have to work a minimum amount of hours per month, and any extra hours we have can be taken as holiday time. This system is great for me because Iíve got two young kids at home and a husband who works long hours.

Speaker 2
Iím an office worker in a large accounting firm in London. Itís a nine to five job and I work regular working hours with an hour for lunch. The job gets a bit boring sometimes, but I like the routine and I feel secure knowing what Iím going to be doing everyday. The salaryís quite good and when I leave the office I can switch off and relax. Itís not the kind of job you take home with you.

Speaker 3
We do shift work at the sugar factory. I have to work the day shift one week and the night shift the following week. I hate the night shifts. I canít get used to changing my eating and sleeping times. Of course, it ruins my social life at weekends. If Iím on a night shift I canít go out, and if Iím doing a day shift I sometimes go straight to work after a night out with very little or absolutely no sleep whatsoever.

Speaker 4
Iím a surveyor and I work for a large finance company in London. My office is in the city centre, but I cover an area in north east London. I live in a small village and I commute to the main office once a week. I hate it when I have to travel into London on a crowded train full of commuters. When Iím not out surveying houses I work from home and send in my reports by email. This is called telecommuting or teleworking and itís becoming more and more popular as companies look for ways to cut costs and reduce office space.