Iíd like to introduce Mr. Sanchez from IBM. Mr. Sanchez is in charge of distribution.
How do you do Mr. Sanchez. Iím Stephen Coles. Iím the production manager for the Madrid plant.
How do you do. Please, call me David.

Simon do you know Jenny, Tomís new secretary? She joined us yesterday.
No, I donít think weíve met. Hi, Iím Peter. Welcome to Virgin Atlantic!
Thanks. God, Iíll never remember all these names.
Donít worry, itís a big office. Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you too.

May I introduce our accounts manager Jason Newman. Jason, this is Mr. Hashamoto who is visiting us from Hitachi
Pleased to meet you Mr. Hashimoto. I hope you had a good flight.

plant = factory
accounts = contabilidad
flight = vuelo