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The Adventures of Rick Mansworth
Private Detective



Read the following adventure of Rick Mansworth, Private Detective, and choose the best future expression.

‘This time tomorrow on the beach sunbathing and drinking cool sangria’, thought Rick, as the plane landed in Alicante, Spain.

Rick definitely needed a holiday, but when he told his mother she wasn’t very happy.

‘Why to Spain Richard?’ she asked, ‘Spain’s so dangerous with those crazy drivers and drunken English hooligans. Why don’t you go to Florida?’ she said, ‘ safe in Miami.’

Rick just wanted to rest and relax. He wanted to be far away from New York, his work and his mother.

The Spanish immigration officer looked at Rick’s passport.
in Spain long, sir?’ 

‘No, just two weeks,’ replied Rick,’ on the 25th.’

‘And where ?’

‘At the Hotel Poco Pasta in Benidorm.’

‘Enjoy your stay Mr. Mansworth,’ said the girl as she smiled and stamped his passport.

Rick was in Spain. He collected his luggage and took a taxi to his hotel. The taxi driver was friendly.

‘It’s very hot today,’ said Rick.

‘Yes, it’s the weather,’ said the driver.

‘Oh is it? I’m not from here’

‘Are you American?’

‘Yeah, I’m from New York City.’

‘Ah, New York,’ said the taxi driver, ‘My cousin lives there. Do you know Domingo Sanchez in Brooklyn?’

‘No, I’m sorry, it’s a big city,’ replied Rick.

and see him next year. there 10 years in August,’

‘Well, if you to Manhatten,’ said Rick, ‘have fun!’

Rick checked in at the Hotel Poco Pasta.

in the hotel this evening Mr. Mansworth?’ asked the receptionist, as he gave Rick his key, ‘The chef paella, his speciality.’

‘No, thank you. I think out this evening,’ replied Rick.

Rick unpacked and took a whisky from the mini-bar. He changed into his swimming shorts and went down to the hotel pool. There was an empty sun bed next to a young attractive blond women who seemed to be alone.

‘Are you alone?’ asked Rick.

‘Yes I am,’ she replied, ‘and I stay alone.’

‘Please forgive me, I don’t want to disturb you,’ said Rick with his best smile, ‘but I hope you dinner alone this evening. Why don’t we have dinner together? I’m alone too, and this is my first day in Benidorm.’

‘But I don’t know you,’ said the girl.

‘I’m sorry, I’m Rick , Rick Mansworth.’

‘Primrose,’ said the girl.

‘That’s a lovely name. 8:00 in the hotel lobby?’

at 8:30’ said Primrose, and got up to walk towards the outside bar.

Rick laid down in the sun and closed his eyes. ’This,’ he thought, a great holiday!’

Follow the exciting adventures of Rick Mansworth-Private Dick-only at 'La Mansión del Inglés'

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