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The Adventures of Rick Mansworth
Private Detective



Read the following adventure of Rick Mansworth, Private Detective, and choose the correct adjective.

The air was full of smoke from cigarettes and hashish from the hookah pipes on the tables. The music got louder and Prince Yamanie passed the pipe to Rick and smiled, showing his teeth. The Prince was a man in his thirties with skin, hair and eyes. He started laughing as he passed the pipe to Rick.

‘What’s the matter Rick, don’t you like the belly-dancers?’ asked the Prince.
‘We have more dancers, and they would all be to spend the night with you.’
The dancers are ’, said Rick, looking at the faces of the Eastern dancers, ‘But they’re not the reason I came to see you Prince Yamanie.’ 
The Prince’s smile got wider. ‘Ah, you Americans are always and straight to the point.’ A beautiful girl with eyes offered Rick some coffee. 

‘So Rick, what can I do for you and why have you travelled to our city?’
Rick put down his coffee and began to speak, ‘The daughter of American senator William Bawls was kidnapped last Saturday while she was on vacation in Detroit. The Senator believes she was taken by the ‘Tehran International Terrorist Sect’, and brought here to the capital of Iran.’

‘But what would a organisation like ‘T.I.T.S.’ want with a senator’s daughter?’ asked the Prince.

‘Senator Bawls wants to bomb Iran and restart the war with Iraq. William Bawls represents everything T.I.T.S. hates about America’

‘Why have you come to me Rick?’ asked the Prince.

‘You have contacts Prince Yamanie. You can find the girl and make me look in America. You also owe me a favour after the camel scandal in 1999’.

‘Oh yes, I remember.’ The Prince was not smiling now, ‘the camel scandal was . Okay Rick, I like you and I will help you. Where are you staying?’ asked the Prince.

‘At The Fez’ said Rick

‘Okay, give me a couple of days to ask around and I’ll be in touch.’

‘Thanks Prince, I appreciate it.’ Said Rick.

Rick finished his coffee and left the Prince and his dancers. The street outside the palace was , and full of cats. Rick walked back to The Fez Hotel. He was deep in thought. He didn’t trust Prince Yamanie. There was something about his teeth and Eastern hospitality that seemed false. Why did the dancers and the servants appear so ?

Rick went up to his room at The Fez, but he couldn’t sleep.

To be continued.....

Follow the exciting adventures of Rick Mansworth-Private Dick-only at 'La Mansión del Inglés'

Hookah = narguile
What’s the matter? = ¿Qué hay?/¿Qué pasa?
Belly-dancer = danzarina de baile del vientre
Delighted = encantado
Straight to the point = directamente al grano
Kidnap = secuestrar/raptar
Owe = deber
I’ll be in touch = estaré en contacto

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