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Hello doctor, good morning. Erm…


How are you? Thank you for seeing me at such..erm..short notice.

That’s no problem. It sounded very urgent. How can I help?

Well, I’ve ..I’ve brought back of all I’ve brought back the..the questionnaires you gave me to fill you are..erm..

Oh..the pages are a bit stuck.

I’m sorry about the chocolate stains.

That’s..that’s alright. So…so was it interesting, did that help you filling out the forms do you think?

Well, it certainly made..made me ask myself some…some…some questions about my addiction, and..erm..I’d like to speak about some of those issues today. Erm..because I find that since our first session I’m eating more, not less, chocolate, which is quite worrying.

That..that is quite worrying. sounded very urgent when you phoned, there something immediately..erm.. worrying you?

Well basically, how to control it. Erm..I’ve been having fantasies concerning Nutella and a paintbrush. Erm..and I’ve had cancel my subscription to Cocoa Monthly because of my..erm..I’m having problems with my bank account and paying my rent. I…I subscribe to various online magazines and e-zines connected to chocolate and confectionary.

So, this is having a serious impact on your life now.

It is. Financially, sexually and emotionally.

And how do you think you should approach this?

Well that’s why I’m here. I’d like you to give me some kind of direction.

Why do you think seem to have a problem keeping discipline with…with your chocolate addiction. Why do you think that might be?

It seems to go in phases. At the moment I’m having problems with truffles.

Why particularly truffles?

Well I went to a party last weekend and there were some truffles on the table..erm..and I couldn’t stop myself I had to finish the whole plate, and it’s becoming very socially unacceptable.

And was it just because there were truffles at the party, or do you find think about truffles particularly?

I have been dreaming about truffles. Dark chocolate truffles bits on the outside.

It’s the curves that you like, the..the..shape?

And the colour and the texture, everything.

So, there are particular types of chocolate that you prefer.

Yeah..erm..I’m not too keen on white chocolate..erm..I prefer chocolate to be dark and sensuous and mysterious, like my women.

It sounds to me that you should work on your discipline. Do you think you have anyone that could help you?

I’ve tried doctor, wife used to help me; and then I’d get home late from work and she’d smell the chocolate on me.

And how did she react?

Violently. She started to throw things around, and she found secret chocolate erm..hidden away the sock drawer.

And does she know that you’re still eating chocolate?

I’m afraid so. I’ve been stealing from the children.

And what do they say?

They cry. They’re very young.

So they know it’s daddy stealing the chocolate.

Well I tell them it’s Father Christmas. But I think they realise.

I think I’d like to make a suggestion.


I think you should talk to your wife again. And perhaps you should show her your hiding places for the chocolate. Would you do that?

All of them?

I think so.

The back of the fridge, inside the shoes.

I think you know you should.

She may help me if I come clean with her, and start from scratch.

She could help you to work on your discipline.



stuck = pegado
stains = manchas
at short notice = a corto plazo
paintbrush = pincel
confectionary = dulces
approach = abordar
phases = fases
curves = curvas
to come clean = to be honest and tell the truth
to start from scratch = to start from the beginning


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