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Hello Sandra, you’re here working Arusha in Tanzania. How long have you been here?

I’ve been here for seven weeks now.

And I must ask you, why is a..a girl from Germany working in Africa, or in Tanzania.

Oh I study in Cardiff at the moment, and had to do an internship somewhere abroad. And I didn’t wanna do it Britain because I’d been there before and worked there before so I decided I’d do something different and try Africa. it’s connected to your studies?

Yes,’s compulsory I have to do this.

An..And how does it connect, is it in the hotel and catering industry or…something like that?

Well I..I study tourism and it’s a program for four years,

So your going to be here for four years?

No, it’s the course..the is for four years, internship is just for three months.

And what do you think of it? How long have you been here so far?

Well I’ve been here seven weeks and I’ve worked in the office in Arusha for three and a half weeks and then I’ve been at Colobus Lodge for some time, and it’s definitely an experience it’s not quite what I expected but it’s been good so far.

How do you communicate with the people you work with? Do you speak any Swahili?

Erm..I speak a few words and I can say the greetings and everything, but’s a bit difficult because most people don’t speak a lot of English and some of their English is quite bad, so I think I underestimated it a bit. I should really speak some more Swahili.

And what’s next…wh..where do you go from here…when this finishes?

Erm…well I’ll be here for another two weeks and then I’ll go on holiday for two weeks, probably go on a safari and then go to Zanzibar and then fly back to Germany and then back to Britain.

Great! Well that sounds great. Thank you very much.

Okay. Thank you.

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