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M.I. Innes, welcome to Mansion ingles. You are a scuba diver. Can you tell us what happened the very first time you dived?

Innes. Certainly Craig. Erm…the first time I dived I was very nervous. Erm… it was in Egypt, ..a..a resort called Negada. I erm..I..I went down to approximately twenty metres deep, and erm…was a little bit concerned at the depth we were at and became a little bit scared. I breathed very heavily and ran out of air.

M.I. Oh dear.

Innes. Oh dear, indeed. Erm..Fortunately,…instructor I was with …erm…noticed I was in difficulties and..erm…came over to me and gave me her mouthpiece to use take air. Even better, she was an extremely attractive Italian lady, and had to wrap her legs round me to make sure I…I stayed safe and calm and swam to the surface with me. It was very much in the end good fun.

M.I. Well that’s incredible, Did…did things improve Innes after this first dive?

Innes. I…I seemed to get my confidence back, and…erm… the dive instructor seemed to…to…to expect more from me as the dives went on. Er…one particular occasion, er…they…er…took us down to thirty metres which is the deepest I’ve ever been. I looked at my watch and…erm… my watch said that it could only go to a maximum depth of thirty metres, and when we went to thirty-one metres, it blew up.

M.I. Oh dear!

Innes. Yes. It…i…it was very difficult to tell the time from then onwards.

M.I. Have you seen any sharks Innes?

Innes. Strange that you should ask Craig, erm…that is one of my main ambitions in life to…to..see sharks in the wild. Erm…every time I dive, someone else in…in the group does see sharks. Unfortunately my eyesight is very poor, and all I… I hear afterwards is ‘Did you see the shark?’ I say ‘no’, but one day maybe. If I ever get some proper glasses.

M.I. Well. Good luck with the sharks Innes.

Innes. Thank you very much. 


to scuba dive = bucear
depth = profundidad
run out of air = quedarse sin aire
mouthpiece = boquilla
to wrap s.t. around s.t./s.o. = liar algo alrededor de algo/alguien
to blow up = explotar
from then onwards = a partir de entonces
proper = adecuado

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