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- Innes, welcome back to ...erm… Mansion Ingles once again. You have recently returned ..erm… with your wife from travelling around the world. Erm… how long did you go for?

- Erm…in total…erm…approximately nine months. We left in June and returned in March.

- Right, and which countries did you visit?

- Erm…if you just go quickly, we started in Canada, then to New Zealand, then Australia, then Hong Kong and across to Thailand through Malaysia, Singapore, India and Nepal. 

- I see, quite a journey! And from all the countries, which one surprised you the most, Innes? Which one was not as you thought it would be?

- Obviously India and Nepal are very…they’re very, very different to England were amazing, but personally I found that New Zealand was so different purely because the amount of people surprised me. There were…there were none! Erm… as I said before, but India, I think for the difference was amazing.

- Tell us what the…er.. the best thing that happened was.

- In my…there was many, many very very good things,and ..erm.. it’s difficult to say one particular point in time, but probably a very large rainbow trout in New Zealand, and spending a long time to fi…, and then finally catching it, great!

- I see. And what was the worst thing during the trip, Innes?

- Again while I was fishing, in Canada this time, a black bear surprised me and then chased me along the..the.. river bank.

- A black bear?

- A black bear. A big one!

- Is there one place that you would like to go back to?

- Erm.. I..I think again New Zealand, because when we were there it was their winter, and I’d like to go in the summer time.

- So, are you thinking of going travelling again?

- We spent so much money last time, that it’s gonna take a long time to save it up again, and to pay the debts off that we ran up the last time, but yes, very much, so if I can.

- Right, well, thank you for joining us.

- Thank you again for inviting me Craig, your Mansion Ingles is lovely!

bank = ribera
‘gonna’ = going to
purely = puramente
debts = deuda
to run up debts = contraer deudas

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