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Hello Innes, welcome back to Mansión Inglés. I’d like to ask you one or two things about..erm..British pubs. What time do pubs open in Britain?

Well thank you for inviting me again Craig. Erm..normally, pubs open at eleven o’clock in the morning, ..erm…and are open throughout the day until eleven o’clock in the evening. Some do close between three and five o’clock to give the landlord a rest, but on the main it’s for twelve hours.

And who exactly is the landlord Innes?

In either the ..the.. owner, or the person who runs the pub is classed as a landlord, and..erm…he’s the person to see if there’s a problem job is really to make you as welcome as possible.

I see, and what is the atmosphere like in these British pubs?

Each pub is different and that.. that’s the great thing. You can travel from the top of the country to the south of the country, and everywhere you go there is different type of atmosphere. Erm…in certain pubs it’s very lively with loud music, erm…sometimes live music with real bands playing. Other times it’s very quiet, sedate, people playing cards, dominoes is a popular game, bingo, a variety of different pastimes. But on the main it’s a..a gathering place for people..erm… within their local communities.

I see, and how much would a beer cost these days in an English pub?

Again differs, if you’re in the centre of a main.. er.. city such as London, the price of beer can range to three pounds, three pounds fifty for a pint - we still work in the imperial sizes - erm… whereas if you’re into the country..erm.. sometimes you…you pay two pounds, two pounds ten for a pint of beer.

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