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- Welcome once again to Mansion Ingles Innes. live in the English countryside. Do you have any pets?

- Yes Craig, I have erm.. one tabby cat, erm.. called Bo, named after Bo Didley, the jazz singer.

- Right… erm.. tell us about Bo, Innes.

- Well, Bo is er... a bit of a rascal as.. as it happens…erm… because we live in the countryside, he..he.. does like to wander out in the fields, and he is a bit of a hunter which is…is a bit unfortunate for the local wildlife, because he usually brings them home to us; rabbits, erm mice, a variety of birds…

- Dead or alive?

- Er.. sometimes dead, er.. but sometimes we have live birds flying around our lounge, which can be rather difficult, but it wakes you up very quickly.

- So erm.. how long have you had Bo? How long has Bo lived with you?

- Er.. Bo’s been with us.. er.. for about three years now, er..we were a bit concerned the other day, actually. He.. he came home, and..erm.. he.. he was limping. And.. erm.. we’d just woken up, and wondered what was wrong with him, he..he..he wouldn’t be picked up, and we thought at one stage that he’d been hit by a car. Erm.. he had slight blood on his shoulder and, as I say, had a nasty limp.
We put him into the cat box and took him to the vets. 
Erm.. the vet said, ‘Well, we won’t be able to see you for two to three hours.’
I said, ‘Well, I..I think Bo’s been hit by a car. Can we see someone immediately?’
Erm.. the veterinaries rushed around and said, ‘Oh, we didn’t realise that the cat had been hit by a car.’ .. and we.. we finally went in to see the vet.
Erm.. the cat then came out of the box, attacked the vet, and the… it didn’t..

- So what was wrong with the cat? Why did the cat attack the vet?

- Well, absolutely nothing, I think it just wanted some affection that morning and…and he’s learnt that if he limps, everybody runs around after him.

- And the blood?

- Oh, I don’t know. I think it was probably a dead rat or something.
But it was all very.. all very embarrassing, and.. and the vets erm.. threw us out and said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with your cat at all’

- Did they charge you?

- Unfortunately, yes.

- How much?

- Erm.. Thirty pounds.

- Oh Dear!

Oh dear indeed!


pet=animal doméstico
tabby=gato atigrado
rascal=pillo, picaro
to wander=vagar 
wildlife=la naturaleza variety=variedad, diversidad
rather difficult=algo difícil
to limp=cojear
nasty limp=una cojera mala
to rush around/to run around=correr de acá para allá
to throw (s.o.) out=echar, expulsar 


as it happens=da la casualidad que 
a bit of a (hunter)= practica un poco de (la caza)
at one stage=en ese momento
as I say=como he dicho antes
Oh dear!=¡Qué pena! / ¡Qué lastima!

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