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Hello Steph and El Tel, thank you for joining La Mansion del Inglés. I’d like to ask you about films and cinema. Do you go to the cinema often?

No, we don’t.

Well we used to when we lived in England.

Do you prefer going to the cinema, or watching films on video at home?

I prefer, personally, going to the cinema, because I believe there are certain films that come over better when you see them in a large cinema, sound etc.

What about you Tel?

Totally the opposite. It’s so much easier and more comfortable to sit at home.

There are many different film genres, for example science fiction, action/adventure, comedy, romance. What’s your personal favourite ?

My personal favourite would be drama along the lines of ‘Basic Instinct’.

And mine would be a nice film where I can cry.

How do you think the old black and white films of the forties and fifties compare with modern day blockbusters?

For their time, the films of the forties and fifties were excellent. But try to compare to today’s technology, there isn’t anything to compare. It’s so superior today.

I agree totally.

Steph, is there one particular film that you could see over and over again, a personal favourite?

I think, with me, it would probably be a Disney cartoon, for example, ‘Lady And The Tramp’, or maybe ‘The Jungle Book’.

And Tel?

Mine would be more action, along the lines of ‘Terminator 2’. Difficult to name another one that comes close to that for my feelings.

And what about erm… your favourite actors and actresses?

My favourite actor at the moment would be Michael Douglas.

And I think mine would possibly be Tom Cruise.

And what about the most attractive or sexiest?

I think Halle Berry is a very very attractive woman

And I like older men, so I would go for Sean Connery.

Sean Connery, good choice. Okay, thank you very much for your time.


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