1. Iíll try your writing next lesson.
2. Why do you always forget things which are important to me, but you always remember things which are important to you?
3. I regret my camera with me to Thailand.
4. This flat needs to , itís absolutely disgusting!
5. On the way to the shops this morning I stopped to Mrs. Grimble whose dog died last week.
6. Do you remember that car when we were kids?
7. After the ceremony at the church we went on dinner in a restaurant, and then a few of us went on at a club.
8. If the car wonít start, try it.
9. If you stop , and sex you donít live longer, it just feels like it.
10. I regret you Mr. Smith that you only have 24 hours more to live. Iím sorry, but I forget you yesterday!


1. Craig used in London.
2. Stephanie loves in restaurants.
3. Angeles and Craig hope to India next year.
4. When I retire Iím going to learn the saxophone.
5. My crazy dentist wanted all of my teeth!
6. Itís difficult a good builder in Valencia.
7. is less popular in Europe, but more popular in developing countries.
8. It was difficult, but Harry managed a coffee without brandy.
9. I havenít got any change. Would you mind me a Euro for the coffee machine?
10. Finally, at the age of 49, Danny decided married.
11. Have you finished the computer?
12. Terry offered us a lift to the airport. *give us a lift = take us in his car
13. We were surprised that youíve sold your flat.
14. Itís always better before you buy something expensive.
15. Would you like out for a drink tomorrow night?
16. Danís very good at women, but heís very bad at relationships.
17. Michael isnít allowed Coca Cola because itís bad for his teeth.
18. ĎHave you ever thought of a language school?í asked Craig.
19. Pepito wanted English, but he couldnít afford the CD ROM.
20. If the computer isnít working, why donít we try it with a hammer?

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