1. It’s not always easy to (always) get tickets.
2. Why are you never here when I need you?
3. My girlfriend usually cooks a hot meal for lunch.
4. They’ll probably expect us to take a bottle of wine.
5. McVities Plain Chocolate Digestive biscuits are definitely the best.
6. I have never been so happy in my life.
7. Do you usually clean your nose with your T-shirt?
8. I definitely remember buying more beer.
9. August is usually the hottest month in Spain.
10. I can probably manage to be there around three o’clock.
11. I’m terribly sorry, our dog’s never done that before.
12. Yes, you’re probably right.
13. Is the heating on? I always feel cold in your house.
14. You should always say thank you when someone gives you something.
15. Valencia are definitely going to win on Sunday.

Santi’s car stopped outside the restaurant at 10pm.
He was still wearing his work clothes which were (still) dirty from a long
day in the fish factory. He opened the door and didn’t even look at
me as he stood net to our table. It took quite a long time for
someone to speak. I still couldn’t believe he had found us.
“Have you had enough to eat?” he asked David. I saw panic in
David’s eyes. He is hardly ever lost for words, but now he just sat
there. (carelessly,)Santi (carelessly) took David’s napkin (carelessly) and carelessly threw it (carelessly) on the floor, (carelessly).
“I’d like to speak to you outside David.” said Santi.
I felt strangely relieved as both men left the restaurant and
people around me started speaking again. I was still worried and
I felt terribly guilty when I had seen the pain in Santi’s eyes.

(Both) Santi and David (both) stood silently in the street, both waiting for the other to speak. “ How long have you been seeing my wife?” asked Santi, quietly.
“About four months,” replied David. “ Look Santi, I never had any
intention….” “Shut up! Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage?”
cried Santi, causing late-night shoppers to look curiously at the two men (curiously).
David was quite surprised when Santi hit him. He didn’t think Santi
would use violence. He even thought that Santi might (even) walk away and
say nothing. (Finally,) When Maria finally left the restaurant (finally), she saw David on the floor. Blood was running freely from his nose and onto his
white shirt. Santi was (still) standing there, his body still shaking with
anger. Almost immediately I took Santi’s hand and pulled him away.

We both walked to his car that he had left in the middle of the
road, the engine still running.
(slowly,) I opened the car door slowly and Santi (slowly) got inside(slowly). I couldn’t tell him I was
sleeping with David for the money. He wasn’t (yet)old enough yet to

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