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1. I’m 24 (years old).
2. Luis phoned you an hour ago.
3. There is always bad news in the newspapers.
4. Nicole Kidman acts really well.
5. My friend has a son who looks like Sylvester Stallone.
6. Stephanie and Terry have been living in Spain for 9 years.
7. I must buy some milk before mum gets here.
8. Let me give you some good advice; Never get married!
9. I can’t pass this stupid exam. I don’t have enough vocabulary.
10. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t like the taste.
11. Nearly everyone/everybody in Spain likes rice.
12. I am looking forward to receiving the information as soon as possible.
13. Angeles has never/hasn’t ever been abroad.
14. Graham rarely goes to the pub at lunchtimes.
15. Valencia has such fantastic weather.
16. Juan has been working as a waiter for eight months.
17. Craig’s English lessons are always boring.
18. When you do this exercise, do your best not to make mistakes.
19. I agree with you up to a point.
20. President Bush can’t understand why people dislike him.
21. I’ll lend you my camera if I can borrow your car for the weekend.
22. People want money but they don’t like to work for it.
23. Fish and chips is a popular English dish.
24. Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest bank is?
25. Do you think Manchester United will win the league this year? – I hope so/I hope not!
26. What do you call this in English?
27. Bart Simpson isn’t used to doing homework every day.
28. We went out for lunch yesterday so I didn’t have to cook.
29. I went to the night club by myself/on my own.
30. She asked me where the money was and I just laughed.

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