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English Signs for Tourists

The following are real signs seen around the world by the employees of Air France. Try to find the mistakes and correct them.

1. In a hotel in Athens, Greece  
Visitors are expected to complain
at the office between the hours of
9 and 11am daily.
2. In a hotel in Moscow, Russia:  
You are welcome to visit the cemetery
where famous Russian and Soviet
composers, artists and writers are
buried daily except Thursday.
3. In a tailor’s shop in Rhodes, Greece:  
Order your summer suit. Because it
is a big rush we will execute
customers in quick rotation.
4. In a Swiss mountain hotel:  
Special today – no ice cream
5. In a Moscow hotel:  
If this is your first visit to Russia,
you are welcome to it.
6. In a lounge bar in Norway:  
Ladies are requested not to have
children in the bar
7. In a hotel in Tokyo:  
It is forbidden to steal hotel
towels please. If you are not a
person to do such a thing is
please do not read notice
8. In a hotel in Acapulco:  
The manager has personally
passed all the water served here.

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Read some more signs and match them with the places where you think they were seen.

You are invited to take advantage
of the chambermaid.
Our wines leave you
nothing to hope for.
We take your bags and
send them in all directions.
Ladies, leave your clothes
here and spend the afternoon
having a good time.
It is strictly forbidden in the Black Forest
that people of different sex for instance, men and
women, live together in one tent unless they are
married with each other for that purpose.
Specialist in women and
other diseases.
Ladies may have a fit upstairs.
Drop you trousers here for best results.

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