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Comparatives and superlatives

Complete the sentences. Write the correct word/s in the space.

1. The thing I like the (more) about La Mansión del Inglés is the free online course.
2. The (bad) day of the week for me is Tuesday.
3. I’m sure your car is (cheap) to run than mine.
4. What’s the (good) advertisement on TV at the moment?
5. The next exercise is (hard) than this one.
6. Excuse me, where’s the (near) bank?
7. It’s much (warm) in your flat than mine.
8. My sister’s really clever. In fact, she’s the (intelligent) person in my family.
9. Steve Martin is a lot (funny) than Mr. Bean.
10. An Apple computer is (expensive) than a Windows PC.
11. The type of holiday I like the (less) are camping holidays.
12. I was always (good) at languages than science subjects when I was at school. That’s why I became an English teacher.

The thing I like the ... about
La Mansión del Inglés is the
free online course.

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Confusing Vocabulary

Choose the best to complete the sentences.

1. I a great guy at a party last night. We’re going out for dinner and a movie on Friday.
2. Do you mind if I your pen ?
3. I can a noise downstairs. Did you lock the back door?
4. My brother’s finally got a really good job. He much more than me now.
5. Trevor is an old friend. I’ve him since we were twenty something.
6. That girl over there Angelina Jolie.
7. What are you to the restaurant tonight?
8. When we got to the top of the mountain we stopped to eat lunch and the spectacular view.
9. I went to the bank yesterday to see if they would agree to us the money to repair the roof.
10.I often music while I’m studying. It helps me to concentrate.

We’re going out for dinner
and a movie on Friday


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