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Match the phrases to form some popular English idioms.

1. One man's meat
2. One rotten apple
3. Penny wise,
4. Speak of the Devil
5. The grass is always greener
6. The proof of the pudding

One rotten apple...

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Choose the best verb for each collocation.

1. something up to date
2. someone a compliment
3. something priority
4. a move to do something
5. someone good
6. people at their ease
7. something seriously
8. something down to experience

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Now complete the following sentences with an expression from the previous exercise.

1. I prefer our new boss to the old one. I feel relaxed and comfortable talking to her and she's very approachable. She really knows how to .
2. A student told me I was charming, kind and attractive this morning and I got really embarrassed. I'm not used to people .
3. It was a mistake to rent such a big office. The business is not growing as fast as we predicted and it's costing us too much money. I think we should cut our losses, move into a smaller place and .
4. We have 17 projects on our list, which is obviously far too many. We need to to the most important ones and put the others on hold.
5. I don't think you've the data base . The last entry was on March 15th!
6. You've been working so hard lately darling. Let me clean the flat, do the shopping and cook dinner today. You should go to the spa and relax for a couple of hours. It'll
7. Peter put a frog under the bosses chair today. Life's just one big joke to him. He never .
8. Have you heard that Microsoft have buy Twitter? They're going to call the new company 'Microtweet'

I prefer our new boss
to the old one...

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