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Common Collocations
Choose the best verb (have, make, take or do) to complete the following.

1. an error
2. a photo
3. progress
4. a rest
5. sense
6. the shopping
7. a talk
8. the washing up
9. words (with s.o.)
10. homework/housework

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Now read the following sentences and complete them with a collocation from the previous exercise.
Follow the example

Example: We would like to apologise for accounting in the quarterly accounts for the first quarter of this current year.

1. No, YOU on the way home from work because you'll be driving past the supermarket.
2. Sandra's been coming in late and leaving work early a lot recently. I'll with her and see if she's having any personal problems.
3. The sink's full of dirty dishes and it's your turn to . I did it yesterday.
4. When we were on holiday in Glasgow, I asked a man to of us and he ran away with our camera!
5. You look tired darling. Why don't you sit down on the sofa, put your feet up and . I'll make you a nice cup of tea.
6. I think the reason your son isn't at school Mrs. Simpson is because he never . All the other students study at home and Bart should also.
7. I've read the instructions but they don't any . I can't understand anything. Is this the first time you've bought furniture from Ikea?
8. We with our neighbour a few months ago and we haven't spoken to him since. He still plays his music really loudly.

We would like to
apologise for committing
an accounting error in the
quarterly accounts...

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