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Parts of the body

Write the word which fits each description.

1. You use these when you listen to music and when you hear people speaking, for example.
2. This is inside your head and you use it to think with.
3. These are in your mouth and you use them to bite and chew food.
4. Giraffes have very long ones.
5. Thin pieces of skin that cover your eyes when you close them.
6. You use these to smile and kiss someone with.
7. You have ten of these on your feet.
8. On your hands, you have eight and two .
9. This is in your mouth and you taste food with it.
10. An organ inside you which pumps blood around your body.
11. These two joints connect your feet to your legs.
12. These two joints are in the middle of your legs.
13. These two joints are in the middle of your arms.
14. These two joints connect your hands to your arms. The part of your body where you would wear a watch.
To Bite = morder
To Chew = masticar
To pump = bombear
Joints = articulaciones

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Word formation?

Change the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space
You may have to make two changes to the ‘root’ (raiz) word.

Example: definite - (in)definite(ly)

1. It’s getting harder to find good service these days.

2. Although there were a lot of players in the team, they beat last year’s champions.
3. The 110 metre race has been to 100 metres.
4. We take full for any inconvenience experienced by our customers.
5. Don’t try to get her to change her mind. She’s very stubborn and it’s extremely you’ll convince her.
6. I just want to say how I am for all your support at this difficult moment.
7. Jogging is a relatively sport to take up. You only need a good pair of trainers.
8. The sound of the crowd cheering was when they scored the winning goal.
9. This knife needs . I can’t cut anything with it.
10. My ex-girlfriend and I were both invited to the same party, so me meeting her was .
11. My parents’ opposition my determination to succeed.
12. The hat and sunglasses made her almost .

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