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Haz Click para escuchar Listen to an interview about New Technology. Which six things in the following list are mentioned in the interview?
Escucha una entrevista sobre Nuevas Tecnologías. ¿Qué seis cosas de la siguiente lista están mencionadas en la entrevista?

Washing machines Computers Watches Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
Televisions Video cameras Play stations
DVD players Motorbikes Mobile phones (cell phones -US)

Match the contractions with the full expressions.

sorta =
gonna =
y'know =
lota =
call'em =
  Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas
Haz Click para escuchar Listen again and write the missing words in the transcription.

- What are some features that have a lot of 'gee whiz potential'?
- "I think audio players right now and audio visual players. What the Walkman was to music, making music really portable, making it really , which really is a revolution you're
gonna start to see that happen now with visuals, so that people will be walking around not only with music, but music videos on tiny little LCD screens.
We're starting to see some early breakthrough stuff like 'Tapwaves.' It’s a new…. Tapwaves is a new company and they have a device called 'Zodiac. 'It's their first product and Tapwave…erm… actually has the to play 28 frames a second video. Which is now the quality of television
y’know even a film. So.. erm.. you're gonna start to see that. That's a real 'gee whiz' thing."
- Do you see it in vans and that kind of thing too, right?
- "Oh Yeah. LCD pull-down screens DVD’s they are 'rugged-ized' – they call’em - so they can take the bumps and so forth. And you don’t actually even touch the DVD anymore. The DVD device is under the seat and that's all . And you actually have a wireless remote..erm..wireless speakers so that the people in the back seat can be listening to the DVD while the driver’s not disturbed. But that's what I mean by consumer choice. It'’s broken down now in so many different
sorta ways, there is a flavor for just about every ."
- Cell phones now,
y’know they’re everywhere in New York and a lot of cities around the country and even the world. What are some really cool features that phones and mobile things can do?
- "Well, there is a new phone that just came out.. erm.. It actually will take not only , which is now almost commonplace.. erm.. but it will take 15-second video clips with that not only do you have that now in your phone, but now you can email that video clip to anyone on the internet from the phone! No intermediary technology, just the phone itself will do that for you."
- What about computing power itself?
- " Well the big thing now is that the computer is more than just for computing. It's , so there’s so many now computers that are built around.. erm.. being a digital video recorder so it’s connected to your television. So your computer now has these longer
sorta 'tentacles.' So it's now connected to the Internet, it's doing productivity stuff for you, it's sorting your photographs. You can put now your on them. But now also it's connected to your television. So it's moving to a place really where pretty soon the computer’s gonna be like your furnace. Y’know you’re gonna always know it's there, but you don't necessarily see it. It's just doing it's work quietly in the background."
- What about games? Now, do you…are you a 'games person?'
- "Yeah. Big games guy."
- Well, er… one particular game that’s really cool?
- "Hmm. Wow! There’s just so many right now. 'HALO' is a really good game I really love. It's sort of a sorta game. Its fanciful, futuristic, it's not violent in terms of blood or anything like that.
There is a upcoming game called Unreal Tournament 2004, and it's
gonna be really hot. And what’s really hot about that game is that it gives you the means to redesign the game. Which is a whole new sorta aspect. They call it a..a level editor. And there’s a lota upcoming games.. erm.. Sony Play station has a game called 'Eye-Toy.' But it's more than a game, and I actually believe it's a sort of a threshold sorta breakthrough device. And what it is, that the barrier of entry for a lot of game players is actually game pad. It's not a intuitive sorta device which you hold in your . All the buttons, where they…where they are, it's for a lot of people. Erm… and Sony began to realise that, so they’re trying to free people from the game pad.
So this is a game that’s basically built around a..a camera, a video camera. You plug it into the play station, you put the game disk in the . And what happens is, it photographs you in real time, in video, and you’re in the game. And to control it, it's tracking your movements.
So there might be or karate guys coming at you, and they’re jumping at you, and you see yourself in the game and they’re jumping at you, and you swat them, you hit them, and they fly y’know, you get points. And so, you could actually work up a sweat in this game. So, I think that's really a breakthrough. It’s
gonna, you're gonna see more and more games like that, controlled by , by voice.
There is a game that is being developed right now and it recognizes something like 10,000 phrases. And you don't pick up the game pad really, not very much, just… you just to it. Yeah.. that’s.. that's some pretty hot stuff in the game world."
- You have a lot of fun don't you?
- "Oh, I love it. It's a great.. it’s a great .
Y’know I get to do what I really love to do. Erm… it's really… it’s a great time to be involved in ." Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas

gee whiz potential (power to impress) = capacidad de impresionar
LCD (liquid crystal display) = pantallas de cristal líquido
tiny = pequeñito, chiquitín, minúsculo
breakthrough = adelanto, avance
device = aparato
bumps = golpes
wireless = sin cables
commonplace = común, cosa corriente
pretty soon = muy pronto
furnace = horno


in the background = al fondo, en el fondo
upcoming (up-and-coming) = nuevo y emprendedor
it's going to be really hot (popular) = está siendo muy popular
to plug (it) into = enchufar, conectar
to track your movements = seguir tus movimientos
to jump = saltar
to work up a sweat = sudar
to develop = desarrollarse
to be involved = estar metido

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