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Read five film reviews and decide which of the following films are they describing?

Renee Zellweger is sent to prison for murdering her lover and trying to blame her pathetic husband for the crime.
In prison she meets Catherine Zeta Jones, the successful singer, and they become enemies. While both girls fight for the affections of their lawyer, (a singing Richard Gere!), they also fight to be on the front pages of the newspapers.
This film dances in the footsteps of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge to join the recent musical revival. There are some very memorable and enjoyable songs and the cast seem to have had as much fun making the movie as the audience will have watching it.

prison = cárcel
to murder = asesinar
to blame = culpar
to fight = luchar
lawyer = abogado
footsteps = pisadas
enjoyable = agradable, divertido


'Lawyer' es el término general para referirse a los distintos tipos de abogado. El equivalente al notario o procurador se llama 'Solicitor' (UK) o 'attorney' (USA) (abogado que asesora legalmente y prepara los documentos relativos al juicio). 
El abogado que actúa normalmente en los tribunales defendiendo a los acusados delante de un juez se denomina 'Barrister' (UK) o 'counselor' y también 'attorney' en USA. 

In this sequel to the very successful original film, Neo (Keanu Reeves) learns more about his super-heroic abilities, including the ability to see the codes of the people and things around him.
Neo, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and the rebels have 72 hours until Zion is discovered and destroyed. More humans are waking up and joining the real world and the battle against the machines.

codes = códigos
things = cosas
to join = juntar(se)
machine = máquina


'Code' se emplea habitualmente en términos compuestos con el significado de 'código'. ('bar code' = código de barras, 'highway code' = código de circulación, etc.) 
El código postal se denomina 'postcode' en U.K.
En USA se llama 'Zip code'

Martin Scorsese returns to streets of crime and violence, but this time we go back to the 19th Century and two gangs (The Dead Rabbits and the Nativists) who rule the poorest neighbourhoods of the city. 
After Leonardo Di Caprio’s father (Liam Neeson) is killed by Nativist leader Daniel Day-Lewis, Di Caprio swears revenge and decides to kill Day-Lewis.
Many years later, Di Caprio returns to his home of the Five Points. The Dead Rabbits don’t exist as a gang anymore and, with a new identity, Di Caprio gets close to Day-Lewis and wins the leader's trust and respect. 
But Di Caprio falls in love with pickpocket Cameron Diaz, and his plan becomes complicated as he gets even closer to Day-Lewis.
Based on the book by Herbert Asbury, this film is estimated to cost over £100 million. The final product is amazing. The master set builders and special effects artists realistically recreate a dirty, lively and energetic city. 
Day-Lewis gives a forceful performance in his evil role that makes him a strong possibility for the Oscars. 

gang = banda
to rule = gobernar, dominar
to swear = jurar
revenge = venganza
trust = confianza
anymore = más
pickpocket = carterista
amazing = asombroso
master set builders = decoradores
lively = animado, vivo
forceful = fuerte, con carácter
evil = malvado


'To decorate' = 'decorar'. El decorador de interiores se llama 'interior designer'. 'Stage designer' es el término más usual para referir al decorador de teatro y 'set designer' para el decorador de cine'. 

Jack Nicholson has already received many awards, including 11 Oscar nominations, in his career and his new film looks certain to add to his collection. 
The star gives a charismatic performance of a lonely, retired man who’s wife has died and who is trying to put some meaning in his boring life. Nicholson’s role as a loser is confirmed when he fails to make peace with his daughter (Hope Davis) who is going to marry a waterbed salesman (Dermot Mulroney ). 
As Nicholson travels to Denver in his very big mobile home, he thinks about his purpose in life and about the time he has already wasted.
The dialogue is delightful, and Kathy Bates is wonderful to watch as Nicholson’s future Mother-in-law. 

nominations=nombramientos, nominaciones
loser = perdedor
to fail = fallar(se)
make peace with = hacer las paces con
salesman = vendedor
purpose = propósito
to waste = malgastar, perder 
delightful = encantador
wonderful = maravilloso, estupendo
mother-in-law = suegra


'fail' tiene el significado general de 'fallar'. Cuando se trata de un fallo judicial se llama 'pronounce'. El fallo de un premio es 'award' y cuando hablamos de fallar o errar un disparo se utiliza 'miss'.

The name of this film refers to the distance between the middle-class white suburbs and the Detroit ghetto where mainly black people live. Jimmy Smith (or Bunny Rabbit) is just another young rapper with dreams of fame and fortune, but he’s got real talent. It's not going to be easy - he's white, his mum (Kim Basinger) lives in a caravan with her lazy, jobless boyfriend, and he's looking for inspiration and support from Alex (Brittany Murphy) who is another victim of the Detroit streets. Can Bunny conquer his fears and triumph at the big "rap off" on his way to superstardom?
The star plays a role which is very similar to the real Marshal Mathers. The film isn’t a biography, but it’s very similar to his real life experience. The locations, music and attitude look and feel authentic. And, as you might expect, the soundtrack is very impressive.

suburbs = suburbios
superstardom = super estrellato


'Suburb' refiere los alrededores, las afueras de una población. Cuando hablamos de los 'barrios bajos' se llaman 'poor areas' o 'slums'. Un barrio de chabolas se llama 'shanty town'

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