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Listen to Fran  and  Steph and El Tel talking about supermarket shopping. Read questions 1-8 and decide who says what about the subject.
Escucha a Fran y Steph y El Tel hablando sobre la compra en el supermercado. Lee las preguntas 1-8 y decide quién dice qué sobre el tema.
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El Tel


1. goes shopping two or three times a week?
2. doesn’t like to get up very early?
3. buys frozen peas?
4. sometimes leaves the shopping list at home?
5. prefers to buy fresh food than frozen food?
6. loves prawns cooked in butter and garlic?  
7. doesn’t have a very good memory?
8. sometimes changes a basket for a trolley because they buy too much?

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Haz Click para escuchar Now listen to Steph and El Tel again and complete the following transcription Use the pause, stop and rewind buttons on the media player to help you focus on the missing words. 

-How often do you go ?
-Erm ... well what we find is.. erm … we do like a big once a…once a month.
-Once a month.
-Erm… in a big supermarket, and then every week we go down to our
and just buy our fresh things, our fresh just to top up.
-Do you ever shop in open markets, outdoor markets?
-No, we used to, didn’t we?
-When we first moved to Spain, but I don’t really like .
-Why not?
-Just generally too many , you have to be up too early. At least with a supermarket you can go any time.
-You can go any time of the day, yeah.
-Do you make
before you go shopping, or do you wait for the things to jump out…
-Oooh yes.
-Definitely lists.
-Who’s the list maker?
-I a list of all the lists I have to .
-Do you always remember to take it with you?
-Oh yes. I’d be lost without my shopping list.
-Yeah, and then… and then we still buy other than that anyway because the list is not always comprehensive. It’s eh..
-Things jump out the into your…
-Yeah, you walk along an…and she’s looking at the list and I .. I might say, “Oo, I think I’ll take some of these,” an .. and it’s not on the list, or vice versa she might say the same thing.
-So you can buy things that aren’t on the list?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah…we’re not.. we’re not restricted to what’s on the list, are we?
-No,…it’s me with my memory’s not very good.
-Do you usually use a or a ?
-Trolley, I can’t remem …. trolley, mainly trolley we take a basket, I don’t know…once every two, three months, wouldn’t we? depending on what … on how many items we’re getting. We might stop if.. if we’re out doing … whatever, and Steph will say, “Let’s stop off I want to get a loaf of bread” item … two items … then it’s a basket…
-Yeah, but then al…
-Other than that it’s…
-….also, you go into a supermarket wanting two things, and you never come out with two things.
-No, you always come out with more, yeah.
-What do you buy here in Spain?
-Erm … .. erm … prawns, I love the prawns over here, the..erm…langostins, so I always have a big in the freezer. Cook them in butter and garlic.
-Lamb, we buy a frozen leg of lamb, don’t we? Erm…
-I prefer to buy fresh food, though really.
-Do you steal plastic to use at home for rubbish?
-No, no.
-Do you buy them in little…
-Well no, we find that the amount of we get copes with our .. er.. rubbish that we have to get rid of. We don’t … we don’t erm.. go out particularly to say alright I’ll take erm.. half a dozen of these for..for the use of rubbish. No don’t do that. 

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  Listen again to Fran Haz Click para escuchar and Steph Haz Click para escuchar and El Tel and Haz Click para comprobar tus respuestas read the complete transcription

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